Amazon, Brazil
London Uk

The Director writes: ‘The Amazon As A Garden’ attempts to bring faraway places closer together. To begin taking meaningful action to save places such as the Amazon Rainforest, the first step is to properly understand, to relate to it. Here in the West, gardens can be seen as simply a patch at the back of our homes; humble yet unimportant. In the Amazon, the garden engulfs all aspects of life. The ‘garden’ acts as an umbrella term for all the spaces where we interact with nature – natural and manmade. The principles behind each of them, however, are fundamentally the same…

I began being fascinated by gardens when I picked up a small gardening job over summer 2020. The fact that it is culturally embedded into our lives that our homes have a garden. I wanted to explore the relationship the humans in the Amazon rainforest have with their 'gardens', which for them are not merely at the back of their homes, but ARE their homes.

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