This workshop is for PhD students at Queen Mary and London-widePhD students funded by the LAHP.

This three-day workshop offers practical training in filmmaking and film practice in an academic research-based context. You will need to be available for all three days to participate in this course. The course will be at QMUL’s Mile End Campus.

When is it?
The main workshop is over three days  – Wednesday March 13th – Friday 15th March There will also be an optional follow up session for works in progress later in the year and an event screening your films.

Who should apply?

1. If you have a research project/assignment you are already working on and would like to use filmmaking as part of your research methodology. Perhaps you have already chosen an ethnographic approach or other qualitative approach but would like to adapt or modify it to include film.
2. You have already collected your material for your research project — using either qualitative or quantitative methods — but would like to use film to present your findings creatively in a way that will allow your research to reach a wider audience. This audience could be your peers, your teachers, stakeholders, the wider public and/or the participants from your research project.

Deadline for applications March 05

Day 1. You will bring your ideas for your film. Production – Why use film, What film can do, and what it can’t. We will screen some examples of short academic films for discussion. Topics covered include Ethics, Legal Issues, Storyboarding, Editing, Audio etc as well as practical guidance on what equipment and software to use.

Day 2. You will spend the day on location filming. If filming on campus direct support will be given. If your location is different we will support remotely. We will review the recorded clips as a group.

Day 3. Post Production – You will share clips of your film with the group. We will cover editing in more detail, and discuss how and where to share your films, as well as the benefits and challenges of using different media platforms and how to evaluate your use of film.

Equipment and tools

You will need a smartphone or a digital camera. Access to an external audio recording device (e.g. wireless usb microphone, zoom recorder, or a second smartphone) will improve your sound so is recommended but is not essential. You will need sufficient storage space on your phone and laptop.

We will document the process and share progress via Whatsapp and padlet.

After the workshop up to two hours of extra support either 1-2-1 or in groups will be given to help you complete your short film.
All information given in this form will only be used for the purposes of setting up the sessions. We will not share your data with anyone else and will delete the data after the workshop ends.

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