Call for Films RGS-IBG 2022 Now Open!!

More details soon

Calls for AAG 2022 is now closed

Screening of selected films will take place at AAG 2022. More details soon.

Open Now Call for Films AAG 2021

This call is now closed. The successful films will be available to view in mid-March 2021.

Now in its fifth year Film Geographies AAG Shorts 2021 invites submissions of short films about space and place. 

What makes a film geographical? For us a geographical film is a film that explores people’s relationship to their environment, a film that is place-based, and where that ‘place’, often dismissed as ‘background’ in other films, is treated like a character in its own right with agency and voice. (Jacobs and Palis, 2020)

Last year our pre-covid theme was ‘Crisis!’ How can films be used for Social Change?
Now that we are living through even more crises, our theme continues but we particularly welcome films that explore issues around power, the Black Lives Matter movement, the shift to decolonise our universities, the ongoing climate crisis and responses to Covid-19.
We also especially welcome films that reflect on how filmmaking can help the discipline adapt to decolonising the curriculum and navigating the recent accelerated shift to online learning and research, including the growing interest in creative research methods and teaching practices more generally.
What kind of film?
*We accept any Format/genre: ethnographic, fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, interactive, immersive, participatory etc 
(Note we cannot accept or review any films made solely to promote a course, department or institution)  
When submitting please state whether your film is
1. Completed film2. Work In Progress 3. Student Film
Length < 5 mins or 5-30 mins
Deadline 15 December 

To enter fill out this Form

Then send a copy of your film for review by wetransfer (under 2gb) or myairbridge (over 2gb) to
We also accept Vimeo links but only if your film can be downloaded with a password.

Please note we can only accept files we can download, do not send us links to YouTube or Vimeo unless you have adjusted the settings so we can also download the film. Once submitted your film will be sent for review by our review panel. Feedback will be sent to all who request it. More detailed peer review will be available for Works in Progress.

Selected films will be screened at AAG 2021 and/or published on
In order to be published on film geographies you must have the right to submit the film. Please make sure your films have undergone an ethical review before submission.

Stitching Together & FilmGeographies collaboration 
Call for short films

 The Stitching Together project brings together researchers, project commissioners, professional textile practitioners and enthusiast maker groups to open critical dialogue around research and practice using participatory textile making methods. FilmGeographies is an online screening platform and annual film festival that acts as forum for films made by geographers and about geography. We are joining forces to extend our shared interests in exploring innovative research methodologies, and in particular the use of film and video to document and present the making processes at the heart of participatory textile making activities. Film and video can be used effectively to document making processes as part of a research journey. Film and video convey a connection between place and the things people do, in a different way to text.Film and video can be used to disseminate research findings. Filmmaking allows us to visualise ideas, thoughts and hypotheses and to capture, frame and document process – but also to explore the affective, non-representational and performative, rendering visible what is often invisible. We are looking to showcase short films that evidence the interesting ways in which film and video can capture participatory textile making activities in context. This call is intended to be a starting point from which to initiate discussion around the use of film and video in the research process; the ethics of representation; the practical knowledge, skills and equipment required; and the challenges and limitations of this approach. All submissions will be peer reviewed. Selected films will be shown at a Stitching Together network event in November 2020 and/or published on the FilmGeographies website. Submitting a film
What: short films of up to 20 minutes that document and present participatory textile making activities, completed to include credits and subtitles (if required) 
When: extended to October 31. In order to launch the initiative, we wish to gain a sense of work already undertaken. To this end we envisage that films submitted will either be completed or currently nearing completion. We cannot accept links to streamed films. All submissions must be sent in best resolution available via a downloadable link (e.g.Vimeo) or sent via WeTransfer (under 2GB) or MyAirBridge (over 2GB) or similar, to the following email: 

Note that the form requires you to confirm that you own the copyright to the film; that the film, if selected, can be published online via and screened at related Stitching Together and FilmGeographies events; and that selected images from the film can be used for promotional reasons, with appropriate credits, by Stitching Together and FilmGeographies.

Call for films for AAG Shorts – 4th edition

6-10th April 2020, Denver

Sponsored by AAG Film Making and Screening Specialty Group


Call for films for AAG Shorts – 3rd edition

5-6th April 2019, Washington DC

Sponsored by AAG Film Making and Screening Specialty Group


Call for papers for AAG Impact and Engagement:
Assessing the Geographical Film

6th April 2019, Washington DC

Sponsored by AAG Digital, Media and Communications and Cultural Geography Specialty Group