Bergamo, Italy
Italiano, Bergamasco with English Subtitles

The Director writes: The film set out to explore how people’s relationship to the environment and the landscape is so strong in remote and rural areas of the province of Bergamo in Italy, located in the Alpine context. These areas, usually targeted as internal and fragile, affected by a dynamism of depopulation, have been re-discovered during the pandemic by the inhabitants of the city of Bergamo and other cities located in the Milan region. In fact, people could discover unique landscapes and strongly conserved environment with the presence of a lively community profoundly connected to their resources. The pandemic has been an occasion for rethinking the future of these areas through forms of community based tourism, by rediscovering local knowledge and the use of resources for enhancing the development of sustainable forms of microbusiness oriented to agro-forestry and agro-tourism. The characters of the film are the inhabitants of the village of Bossico who descibe their sense of place, strongly related to natural and cultural heritage.

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