AAG Shorts 2022

Selected screening AAG Tuesday 1 March 22.20 GMT 17:20 EST

A wider public screening of selected films will be organised later in the year

Urban Piss-Ups
The Water Holds Me
After Hours
Interview With A Tree
By Bike She lives
The Spatial Awareness Project
Grandhotel Cosmopolis Transformation
Conceptualisation of Change
Activist Geographies
Reflections from a Paper Age
Unlocking The Brownfields
It’s Not Rocket Science
Moonlight, Milorganite, And You
Can I Just Call You Sue?
Green Wars
I’m Not There
Joven Habana
Holding Tightly
Beyond Four Walls
Middle Lands
i am FINE
The Composters
Saga Putra
Offspring Of The Sea
Jimmy’s Archive
The Sea’s Guardian
Kisses in Robadors
The Secret City
Coche Island Of Hope