Through the performance of soft walls, denirée isabel, Helen Liene Dreifelds and Emma Aurelia explore the notion of extended technique in weaving. In thoughtful defiance of tradition, they strive to stretch their relationship with material, process and one another. They ask: what can we achieve when we work collectively and unconventionally? In what ways can we reimagine structures of support, tension and extension? Ultimately, how can we deepen the connection to ourselves, machines and to one another?

Selected Reviews
A beautifully made film that reflects on the weaving process as a holistic meditation on place, time and connected bodies.

Setting the performance in a post-industrial landscape draws attention to the well-established confrontations between industrial and craft aesthetics, between notions of the private ‘domestic’ and publicly exposed activity, between being connected and being alone, and between gendered divisions of labour.

A description of forces within. Always in view. Binding-Unbinding-Rebinding. The train as public space enclosed, the private space out in the air.

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