Korean (English subtitles)

Palmiri, a village in Gangwon Province, is located in between mountains. Once a small village of Shim families, the current residents of Palmiri are mostly single households of women in their late 70s and 80s. Lacking government support the residents are still supporting their extended families through farming.

This film focuses on the lack of support in Palmiri. While communal living provides an alternative to the lack of support, caregiving requires a lot of human labor. Because the residents are familiar with being a caregiver, they had no trouble for the last 15 years. However, they are facing hardship as everyone in the village is getting old.
One challenge that I faced for this film was the topic I chose. Originally, other parts of the project focused on gender division. For instance, one of the residents who I spent most of my time with backed out because her son disproved her appearance in the film. Even now, the women provided care labor for the village while complaining. I believe providing this context is helpful for the viewers.

Selected Reviews
Emotional. It’s interesting to discover this women community out of time and without any assistance.

A thought-provoking and gentle study of resilience and gender solidarity yet also a sense of unfairness resonating in a rural and remote location.

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