Wellington, New Zealand
Spanish (English Subtitles)

The film shares the story and insights of the creation of a mural by the Latin American community in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. Led by The Latin Collective, under the guidance of street artist/muralist Alfonso Ruiz Pajarito (Brigada Ramona Parra, Chile), this mural makes visible the presence, contribution and sense of belonging of the Latinxs in Wellington. Involving participants from over 13 Latin American countries, and in collaboration with local communities and artists, the creation of this mural opened spaces for collective reflection. It became an open gift to the city aiming to celebrate diversity, foster inclusion and counter racism.

For us the film made a number of contributions:
- it provides a record of the massive process we went through producing the mural, its collaborative and community flavor, and particular aesthetics
- it voices and help spread the experiences, opinions and aspirations of Latin American migrants in Wellington that underpinned the motivation to do the mural
- it gives a real life example of the use of street art to build community and counter racism, especially in the aftermath of the Christchurch terrorist attack against the muslim community in New Zealand,
- it showcases a project that bridges generations and cultures, and the importance of, in this particular case, connecting directly with Latin American histories and aesthetics of street art to communicate issues around identity, political struggles and anti-racist discourses,
- it provides a testimony for all of us involved in the project of all the hard work, fun, commitment and love we shared in this project. For us to keep those memories alive and feel proud of it. And also, to share them with new migrants and our own kids and grandkids.

Selected Reviews
Congratulations for the mural and to all people evolved in the project. The film has its value as journalist piece with a point of view from its director.

Good dynamic footage for an interesting story. The music plays a great role.

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