This film explores fashion and ageing through sequences that communicate the embodied knowledge and sense of agency a group of mature women (55-75) from Nottingham possess through engagement with the materials and processes of clothing design. The film is an outcome of participatory research into designing for longevity based on the changing aesthetic and physiological needs of older female consumers. Filmed during a series of co-creative workshops, photo shoots and ‘trying on’ sessions, it conveys the women’s experience of wearing different garments and textiles and the sense of empowerment this provides when the physical and emotive aspects come together.

Selected Reviews
The film is engaging and presents its intended argument clearly in a sensitive and intelligent way. Hearing from different people involved in the project broadens the viewer’s understanding of the impact of the research and its outcomes, from individual and collective perspectives

The film is very effective in capturing the completion stages of the project Emotional Fit, focusing on team participation and collaboration with the participants.

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