In Beatrix Potter's story The Tailor of Gloucester, mice stitch the one and twenty buttonholes because the tailor was taken ill. Nowadays the skill of hand stitching buttonholes has virtually ceased to be used because buttonholes are pre-programmed on machines, thus reducing the time-consuming necessity of sewing by hand. My practice is concerned with enabling skilled practitioners to communicate their experiences/history and to reveal ways of dealing with subject areas that are so far undisclosed. The research aspect of the work is formed by the intimacy of exchange between people and how it can be critically reflected upon.

Selected Reviews
A very engaging capturing of the experience of making together the movements, making, materials, chat. The film starts with close up of hands at work, nice to see the depiction as an intimate portrait.

The film is a commentary about the making and dives into the memories of the participants and personal stories.

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