Berlin, Germany

Overflow is about the handling of urban water. It is about social construction of nature, explicitly water and health. The film follows the worldwide unique aeration ship ‘Rudolf Kloos’ as it drives through berlin pumping oxygen into the waters of the Landwehrkanal. Various water experts talk about why we need to aerate these waters while explaining the connection to berlins overflowing canalisation and human centred water terms. How we deal with water relates to what we understand as healthy bodies of water. The film shows the destructive process of urbanisation while giving hope for a healthier city through water sensibility.

Why does berlin have an aereation ship? Why do we accept the canals overflowing into the Landwehrkanal? What happens to the health of the waters of the Landwehrkanal? How is it connected to the genereal health of the waters of Berlin and the health of the environment of the city? How is the treatment of urban water human centered? How can a multispecies perspective give room for new understandings of urban health?

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