Northern communities in the Canadian provinces are often at a high risk of food insecurity even more so than areas in the high Arctic because of inaccessibility and a lack of subsidies.
In the spring of 2015, Meechim Farms was launched and under the glow of the northern lights two shipping containers full of farm equipment were sent via ice roads to this remote region of northern Manitoba.
The Meechim Project follows the story of Garden Hill First Nation - in northern Manitoba, Canada - and its journey to build a self-sustaining farm for a northern Manitoba community that is only accessible via air and ice roads.
Over the season, the community and its partners built the farm, and trained and employed youth to raise chickens, grow gardens, and develop a healthy food market that has become an important social enterprise initiative at the local level.
This short film showcases moments from our forthcoming feature documentary and that aims to show how storytelling, food and community can come together to create positive change.

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