Produced as part of a "Visualising memories of violence and wellbeing in Istanbul" project. It is based on the audio-visual material produced by residents living in redevelopment neighbourhoods in the Anatolian part of Istanbul.
It's a standalone research output and at the same time presents the core platform of processing the visual, textual, and movement based (walking) material generated during fieldwork in Istanbul in 2017. Watching the video, you will be looking at an ambulant filmic ethnography of how violence appears in Istanbul presented in 8 spots — theme units, pieces of video — that connect participants' encounters with things, human and other bodies, machines, animals and others in the built environment. The filmic ethnography is potentially a read-and-write product since it theorises itself as one of many possible thematic and aesthetic iterations and its form remains open to edit, rearrangement, and remix. Presenting a soft narrative, its digital form enables fresh possibilities for it to be re-shuffled and re-told.

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