Venice, Italy
Italian with English subtitles

The short documentary explores the world of culture, nature and gastronomy through the eyes of a chef - Lorenzo Barbasetti di Prun. As he explains his vision - he invites the observer to join him on an adventure for a search of new values of the Venetian Lagoon through the creation of dishes based from wild plants across the marshlands.

We carried out the first interviews with the PI of the research and other researchers to gain useful information. Then we filmed a dialogic interview with Lorenzo that spanned 2 hours and which we edited in the film keeping only the audio. For the visual material we invited Lorenzo to shows us the "barene" and the places where he works. Here we continued with more interviews.

The main challenges were given by our previous inexperience in making films (most of us were at their first experience), the very limited budget (less than 100 euros), and the very limited time (the film was made in one week after the pitch as a part of a summer school).

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