In Guest Star members of the Mzeina tribe reenact a traditional story of hospitality. The Guest Star. Bedouin hospitality is internationally well known. It has evolved because it is essential. Not offering a visitor water or food in such a harsh environment could be fatai. Hospitality goes beyond tribal affiliation and is the basis for diplomacy between different families and groups. In this story of the Guest Star the 'borders' of hospitality are defined. Here members of the Mzeina tribe are settling down for the night when a visitor - looking for his goats - joins them. The hosts welcome their guest and offer him a drink. They they stand up to check to see if the 'guest star' has gone down yet. The star is still there so the visitor also offered a full meal.
Part of a series of films from A Different Sense of Space: How Bedouins Mapped the Sinai

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