This film details a stitched-based commission in which the pseudonymous autographs of the Bronte sisters are writ large in the landscape that inspired their creativity. The fleeting artwork on the hills of Haworth for the Bronte Parsonage Museum offers a different lens with which to interpret memory and presents a counter to the ubiquitous, hard, fixed commemorations. The stance of an empathetic embroiderer embedded in place and making is central to the work. The project involves different audiences including hikers, leisure tourists, online viewers and also Talk-English, an organisation teaching English to those new to the country.

Selected Reviews
The documentary, as a visual summary, is a very effective way to disseminate the project. The video here, I think, evokes a sense of place that would be harder
to achieve through photographs alone.

The real strength of this film is the drone shots that really show off the scale of the finished project against the natural landscape.

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