Mexico, Canada
Spanish, English subtitles

Three migrant women living in Canada under the Agricultural Worker Program speak about maternity. An exploration of living in precariousness because of patriarchal power structures.
Human migration featured in movies has built a fairly solid ground that, in many cases, simplifies the understanding of migration, which overshadows every empathetic attempt; these particular sounds and images often reinforce the manifestations of repudiation for anyone coming from other place. Migrant Mother documentary has been created with the former intention of contributing to reflect the complexity of this process and building empathetic situations. This documentary is the result of many years of collective work with migrant mothers.

Selected Reviews
Powerful film – it’s not just about humanizing, but hearing these stories, how migrant women’s lives are, their needs and desires on so many levels gives so much respect and depth to them as individuals.

So much “leaks out” about migrant lives; it’s a very rich film.

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