Frieberg, Germany
Barcelona Spain

Barcelona is one of the most important centres of European city tourism. The city is experiencing strong tourism growth, which is associated with profound changes in the urban environment. Many residents, as well as political and civil society actors, now perceive tourism in some ways as a burden. Some are protesting against the fact that their everyday space is being appropriated and their quality of life is being eroded. A close look at selected urban districts of Barcelona shows that changes and negotiation processes connected with touristification follow different courses. This transformation is multifaceted and is embedded in complex and even contradictory contexts.

This compilation was created by a group of students during field research on the topic of "The Impact of Touristification on Urban Neighbourhoods in Barcelona". The various conflicts in the neighbourhood 'El Raval' - the social and urban structure changed by touristification, conflicts between residents about silence and the housing market, as well as the role of the administration and the economy - were audiovisually investigated and portrayed.

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