Costa Rica

Spanish (English Subtitles)

There is a sound echoing across the forest of Talamanca. It reveals the extraordinary in the ordinary universe of Justo, BriBri farmer, father and adventurer.

Part of a wider project of research on environmental conservation across the cordillera of Talamanca, Costa Rica. Bribri people are ancestors here; it is because of their ways of living that Talamanca is today a global biodiversity hotspot. From an indigenous perspective conservation refers to ‘ways of living’ rather than expert practices, projects, measurements, etc. We tend to assume that indigenous lifeworlds are sedimented and ancestral but my with film I intend to show that Bribri lifeworlds are always open to world, to the life forms of the forests and those that flow to the ocean, in between geographical remoteness and global tourism.

Selected Reviews
Done so well. Silent but high impact images.

The camera sits alongside, the audience is made to feel welcome but also clearly demarcated as outside. A homage to adventure.

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