Czech Republic

Eastern Serbia

Cultural Geographies

Serbian (English Subtitles)

As a child, Ivanka was chosen by fairy women for the special task of entering the realm of the dead to discover the future. As an old lady, the spirits have left her, so how does she navigate between the two worlds now?

This experimental short documentary seeks out Ivanka, a woman who lives in rural Eastern Serbia and who spent most of her life falling into trance to enter the realm of the dead and learn about the future. Ethnographic archive materials from her days as a prophet are interwoven with contemporary footage shot now that the supernatural forces have left her. As such, the film aims to play on dualities of time and ontology to explore how this experience has affected her relationship to the landscape that surrounds her, while also engaging in a meta discourse on the digital nature of film and visualisation of memory.

Selected Reviews
The film is about people and places done through traditional singing that talks about fields and flowers and karst topography.

Unusual and offers a window to a culture in specific locale that perform this ritual.

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