Film Geographies: Borders, borderlands and bordering

Call for films

Borders are constituted in multiple ways: geological stratifications, different ecosystems, landscapes, climate change and epochs invoke physical and temporal demarcations. And, borders are multi-scalar, from the granular and the body to planetary boundaries.

Creating, marking, enforcing, transgressing, blurring and dismantling borders of all kinds are ceaseless, pervasive processes across time and space. Yet, despite policing practices and divisions, borders can be transgressed. Migrants breach national borders, as do plants and animals, and the movement and circulation of water and air render borders permeable. Inter-disciplinary endeavours equally reveal academic silos to be flexible, fluid, contested and ephemeral.

We invite submission of short films (less than 20 minutes) broadly related to the theme of the conference ‘Borders, Borderlands and Bordering‘. Films that help us explore what truly progressive ideas and research geographers can develop, what actions we can take and what alternatives we can propose that challenge those borders and bordering practices that control and confine.

The films will be shown at the conference followed by Q and A.

Please use the link below to submit your film. The deadline for submissions is extended to Friday 9th July 2021

Submit your film

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